Chef Akhtar Nawab’s ‘Otra Vez’ Set To Open This Spring


It’s official.

Last year, it was announced that acclaimed chef Akhtar Nawab was set to open his first New Orleans restaurant within The Standard at South Market this spring. The restaurant now has an official name: Otra Vez. Otra Vez (which translates to “again” or “another time”) will offer some of the signature dishes of Alta Calidad, Nawab’s New York eatery, like crispy shrimp tacos with chipotle celery root remoulade and a spicy Margarita made with juiced poblano peppers.

“Some things may be similar to what we do in New York, but it will have its own soul as well,” Nawab told of Otra Vez. “Our goal is to ask if we can be part of the community.”

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