The History Behind the South Market Name


Like the city itself, South Market boasts a rich and colorful history. The neighborhood is located south of the former Poydras Market, a public open-air market providing goods to the neighborhood until 1938. Situated between Poydras Market and the terminating point of the New Basin Canal, the South Market site allowed for goods to be brought directly to shops and warehouses in the area.

Richard Campanella’s piece for Preservation in Print further explores the origins of the “South Market District” name:

“From Poydras Market to ‘South Market District:’ Food Retail in New Orleans’ Central Business District”

Campanella writes about the area’s history as a marketplace and food hub, a legacy that the South Market District builds upon with its collection of restaurants, retailers, and services.

Read Campanella’s article to learn more about the neighborhood’s history or visit our History page.

Above photo via Preservation in Print: Earliest photographic view of the Poydras Market, captured by Marshal Dunham in 1864-1865, courtesy of LSU Library.